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Head Start Parent

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“I’ve been with Head Start around two years now. I have one child who has already graduated into kindergarten and I currently have a two year old here. Head Start has been incredibly supportive of my entire family unit which was really what was important to me b/c I needed that support they’re very concerned about the entire family.  From mother to father as well as the children and I think that’s important because if the family base isn’t strong and there’s no support then how can you support the child to be successful


They have policy council and all these workshop that are geared to parents to make sure parents are okay mentally physically and that they are looking at the different levels that are developmentally appropriate for the child and know what to do in school as well as that they should be looking for at home.


They have an incredible dad’s initiative that goes on every month that my husband is a part of. The dads have their own group and they come and talk about struggles of being a single parent or if you’re in a family being a father and having two kids in the house and how do you handle that and handle work and I think that’s important for the family perspective.


I’m so happy my daughter was in Greater Bergen because when my daughter entered kindergarten she was actually advance. She already knew how to write her name she already knew the alphabet, knew her number line and you had some kids that hadn’t had that experience so when she got into the classroom she was actually helping out a lot of her peers. I had even told the school when they asked where was she prior to this and I told them she was at Greater Bergen. The fact that that gave her such an advantage and interestingly enough when she started Greater Bergen she also had a speech delay. So they supported her with that and in addition she also had early intervention


The staff the teachers the family workers the mental health workers… there’s just so much support to help you be successful as a family as well as to help your child be successful and that’s huge


That’s why when I got pregnant I already filled out an application for my son because I knew I wanted him to go to Greater Bergen. It’s just been a really positive experience and like I said it’s not just a child centered program it’s a family centered program and I think you can’t get that at any other site or center this is the only place that I’ve ever heard where its family centered and I think that’s a huge piece that has to be considered.”


"In 2008 I lost my job, was experiencing financial crisis and at risk of becoming homeless..."
"When I came from my foreign country the program was very helpful for my children to start socializing..."
"GBCA Head Start has helped me with my son. He’s learned to share with kids his age..."
"GBCA Head Start has helped me with my son. He’s learned to share with kids his age..."
Ann Marie
"I’ve been at Head Start for three years but I’ve been teaching preschool a long time..."
"I’ve been at Head Start for three years but I’ve been teaching preschool a long time..."
"I’ve been here two years. I learned how to fix a lot of stuff I didn’t’ know before..."
"I’ve been with Head Start around two years now. I have one child who has already graduated into..."
"He’s learning a lot of English. At home we only speak to him in Spanish and now he speaks more English..."
"The programs they give here are so nice. Mainly those they give for the children and the parents..."
"I’m happy because they care about the kids… I love how they teach my son I’ve come across people..."
"I like the teachers and the teachers helpers, the nurses take care of your kids…"
"It benefits me in many ways. I can go food shopping and I can go to school, I can even take classes here..."
"As a young parent I feel like everything stopped and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into..."
"The instant I got here they took me in like family. If they can’t help you in one way, they’ll find where..."
"The program helps me to spend more time with my kids, also to do activities inside and outside..."
"By the time my grandson went to kindergarten he was ready for kindergarten, he knew his letters..."
"One day we had a workshop for parents and the workshop was at the local library for the parents to..."
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Greater Bergen Community Action

Greater Bergen’s Head Start program provides free early childhood education and family services to low-income families in Bergen County, Jersey City and Paterson, NJ. Comprehensive services and resources prepare children for kindergarten, enhance their emotional and physical well-being, and foster stable family relationships.


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