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Dance the Day Away!

Your little one is packed with endless energy and sometimes you may be wondering what the best way to channel that energy is. Dancing is a high physical activity and can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. An aerobic form of exercise, dancing can improve your child’s overall health by keeping them active in a fun and interactive way. In addition to helping your child physically, it can help your child’s social habits by making them more comfortable with performing in front of others and being more expressive. Sure, you can put your child in dance classes, but those classes can add up to a pricey tab. Take 30 minutes out of your day to put on your child’s favorite jams and have a dance party right in your home. You will be able to foster a love for music and physical activity, and form a closer bond with your youngster. Encourage your child to let loose, be expressive, and bust a move!

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