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Cooking Paratha With The Parents

At this month’s Parent Committee Meeting at the Head Start location on Nelson Ave in Jersey City, the parents learned a new recipe for paratha. Paratha is a traditional breakfast food made in India and Pakistan made of wheat dough flatbread stuffed with potatoes or spinach. There are also many other varieties.

The goal of the meeting was to teach the parents that cooking with their children is a combination of playtime, math, science and language all at once. Plus, it’s fun! The recipe was taught by the parents themselves and gave them a chance to interact with each other. The parents gave instructions in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Spanish in addition to English. They were also educated on ingredients that they may not be familiar with. The parents had a lot of fun and the entire building was filled with the aromas of the food.

Head Start’s Parent Committee is one of the ways to get the parents involved with their children, and to socialize with other parents. Head Start encourages its parents to grow with their children and these meetings, along with the other programs and services offered by GBCA, allows the parents to create a brighter future for their children.

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