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Parents struggling to find child care call expansion of Paterson program ‘life-changing’

PATERSON — Ever since her son was born a year ago, Dayanhra Cordones has been waiting for an open slot at one of the government-regulated child care programs in Paterson.

During that wait, Cordones, a 35-year-old immigrant from the Dominican Republic, has stayed at home to care for her child.

“I want to work,” said Cordones, who had been a civil engineer in her native country. “I’ve always worked my whole life. It doesn’t feel right not working,” added Cordones, whose husband drives a truck.

Now she is on the verge of rejoining the workforce.

Cordones on Tuesday enrolled her son in Early Head Start program at the Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc.’s East 35th Street facility in Paterson. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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