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GBCA Jersey City Head Start Celebrate Mothers with Appreciation Luncheon

JERSEY CITY -- Greater Bergen Community Action (GBCA) Head Start hosted its 2nd Annual Mother's Day Tea at St. Anne’s Church in Jersey City on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018. The event, catered by GBCA's own Food and Nutrition Department, opened with a welcome message from Parent Activity Coordinator, Stephanie Latasa, followed by a presentation from a Blue Shield Horizon representative about the importance of women's health. Then, Carolin Lopez, branch manager at 1st Bergen Credit Union, discussed how the credit union can help parents set and achieve financial goals to help them support their families.

Once the presentations were over the mothers were invited to share their head start experiences with the group. Megha, mother of 4 year old Advay, shared that when her son first started in the program he had a speech impediment and doctors even recommended that she seek medications. Today he’s scheduled to graduate from the program and Advay no longer struggles to speak. She exclaimed, “After two years, no one can tell that he ever had any speech issues, we are very satisfied with the program. His academics and social skills have improved drastically!”

This was followed by a hat making contest and cultural dancing. Once the teams were formed the women started working with their supplies to create a hat out of paper plates and bowls. Each team then selected a model and danced down the aisle to show off their creations. After all the festivities ended, a group of mothers walked over to the GBCA team and exclaimed, “Thank you so much! This was so much fun, we were able to just be ourselves today.”

To learn more about our Head Start program click here:

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