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Help A Parent, Raise A Child

Head Start Parent Activity Coordinators, ensure there is a two way communication between school and home. A child’s education doesn’t stop when they leave school, so the coordinators arm the parents with knowledge and resources that can help them continue the lessons at home. GBCA has a designated parent coordinator for each Head Start Area; Jersey City, Bergen, and Paterson.

“I love my job because I get to see hope every day,” Stephanie Latasa, Jersey City Parent Activity Coordinator, explained. “The parents who participate are the very parents of our future generation and they work to try to become better parents for their children.”

The role of the parent activity coordinator is to assist Head Start parents with parenting skills, family support, understanding child development, and setting home conditions to support learning, to help families reach their fullest potential while maintaining a close relationship with the education of their children. The parent coordinators are one of the main points of contact for the Head Start parents and they form lasting relationships with them.

Every month, the coordinators plan weekly workshops and meetings for the parents that are aimed to assist in the development of their children and family. Other Head Start staff including the family workers, nutrition staff, special services staff, teacher, and even maintenance staff help promote the workshops because they know the importance of the workshops and how they help shape families for the better.

“I hope the parents that have attended the Head Start program feel enthusiastic about supporting the educational process of their children, I hope they feel empowered, and continue to be an influence in their children’s life,” said Anna Snead, Paterson Parent Activity Coordinator.

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