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Use Your Noodle

Nothing gets your child’s creative juices flowing more than an old school arts and crafts session using pasta. Pasta is not only great for your favorite dinner, but also for making beautiful works of art. Using different types of pasta that you have at home saves you time and money at your craft store. Allow your child to create, explore, and play without any creative limitations. No matter the shape, size, or type of pasta, there are as many arts and crafts possibilities. Check out these 3 craft ideas that you can do with your little one this weekend!

  1. Macaroni Rainbows- Spend the afternoon dying a box of wagon wheel pasta various shades of the rainbow. Then use glue to draw a rainbow shape on construction paper and help your youngsters learn the colors of the rainbow as they glue on each level. Great way to incorporate education into the fun.

  2. Bow-Tie Butterflies- Welcome the summer season with this bright and cheery activity. You can use chalk markers or paint to color the noodles different colors and paste them on a piece of paper. Using a black marker, complete your masterpiece by drawing the butterflies’ antennas.

  3. Macaroni Necklace- The macaroni necklace is like a rite of passage for your little ones in their journey of arts and crafts. You can use plain macaroni, or colored ones, and have your child practice their fine motor skills by threading them onto yarn while creating a beautiful necklace you can’t buy anywhere else.

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