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3 Tips to Get Your Child Running

Communities around the country, and the schools within them, are beginning to increasingly understand the importance of getting kids to engage in physical activity. Physical activity is an important component of a healthy lifestyle for kids, and running is a great activity to help kids build endurance. It also builds stronger muscles and bones, a leaner body from burned body fat, and decreases the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure. But how do you get your child to love running? Read below for 3 tips that will get your child up and running!

  1. Make Running Fun- Instead of running laps, which is sure to bore your child quickly, plan a scavenger hunt in the playground and have continuous relays to set new team records. You can also play a running version of Red Light, Green Light or Simon Says. Remember, when children have fun they will likely continue doing whatever it is they are doing.

  2. Make It A Group Activity- Invite your child’s best friends to get in on the fun. When children are with their peers, they are more anchored, comfortable and ready to engage. Running alongside their friends will be more enjoyable for them and will get them running, and better yet, keep them running longer than any other incentive you may think of.

  3. Build Motivators- Some kids may not be able to run for as long or as far as other kids, but motivating them, and congratulating them for achieving goals, will help them to enjoy running. Giving your child a high five or some sort of congratulatory words whenever they’ve completed their personal goals builds confidence in your child and can encourage them to enjoy running into adulthood.

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