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Culture of Food Day: Ensalada Rusa

In celebration of the diversity present in GBCA’s Head Start classrooms, the Food and Nutrition Services department runs a series of activities called ‘Culture of Food.’ The purpose of this monthly activity is to introduce the students and parents to new foods and cultures that they wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.

The students are first introduced to the foods in the classroom, where they learn about the origins of the food before they actually eat it. Then, the Food and Nutrition Services department puts together a recipe based on a specific culture to serve the students during lunch. They are sure to follow guidelines for any allergies or food limitations a student may have.

For the month of February, the department decided on a Dominican and Russian inspired potato salad. The recipe is packed with colorful veggies including beets, which gives the salad its fun pink color. The potato salad was a success with the students and the teachers as well. At the end of the day, there was a table set with samples of the salad so the parents could taste it and recipe cards for the parents to recreate the dish at home.

Take a look at our Eastside Head Start students enjoying the Dominican-Russian inspired potato salad, as well as the recipe.

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