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Save Money This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a highly anticipated holiday but it can also be very expensive, especially if you have children. If you ever hosted Thanksgiving at your home, you know how easy it is to splurge on the perfect dinner. Turkey, sides, pies and more add up to a pricey grocery tab. But having an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner for your family doesn’t have to break the bank. To prepare yourself and your wallet for the upcoming holiday, check out our tips on saving money on your Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Trim the menu- You don’t have to make a turkey and all the trimmings. You can pick your favorite two or three side dishes and make those. Keep the dinner menu simple with your main course, a few sides and one dessert (DIY cupcakes with your children are always fun!)

  2. Shop Smart- Look in your pantry and check off the things on your list that you won’t need to buy. Look in your local stores’ ads for special deals. Most grocers offer holiday coupons and discounts on your items.

  3. Have a potluck- Invite your kids’ friends and their family over and ask the parents to bring a side dish or dessert while you provide the main dish. This is a fun way to incorporate different cultures and food into your dinner and be able to socialize with other parents. Even if your guests can’t cook they can bring beverages, utensils, napkins or a side salad.

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