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Raising Ready Readers and Writers

Developing early childhood literacy is critical in helping young children to be ready for the school system. Literacy is the ability to read and write, and being strong and confident in both areas form the foundation for learning in other subjects. Promoting family literacy is important to your child’s future reading and school success. Children raised in homes that promote family literacy grow up to be better readers and writers than those children who are raised in homes that do not promote family literacy.

Family literacy is defined as home literacy activities that provide literacy skill-building opportunities for the children while enhancing literacy skill development in all members of the family. Most family literacy activities are based on reading, activities through poetry, songs, picture books, nursery rhymes and word games that help children develop the necessary language skills that are important for their advancement in school. Learning to love reading starts at an early age and begins in the home.

If families encourage, support and engage all aspects of literacy in their homes, children and family member will enjoy reading and writing together as the years go on. So gather your family and show your children that literacy is a part of everyday life and it can be fun and enjoyable!

​Greater Bergen’s Head Start program provides free early childhood education and family services to low-income families in Bergen County, Jersey City and Paterson, NJ. Comprehensive services and resources prepare children for kindergarten, enhance their emotional and physical well-being, and foster stable family relationships.

For more information or to find out if you qualify for GBCA’s Head Start Program call 844-472-4453 or go to

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